Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Question. An Answer.

Chop your nails off. Paint them blue.

Eat cookies.

Give yourself a facial.
Whiten your teeth.

Hop in bed. Turn on Gilmore Girls.

Stretch out. Take up the whole bed.
Decide it's overrated.
Scoot to your side. Fill his side up with pillows.
Hug pillows.
Miss him.

What do you do when you spend the night, sans boyfriend?

14 love notes:

  1. I do pretty much everything you listed, haha.

  2. Great ideas!!!
    I shop...bake & pamper myself :)-

  3. You are too cute... and I have some serious Gilmore Girls love, so I am adoring that you posted that picture!

  4. what a cute way to present this idea!!! Sounds like you kept busy!

  5. i definitely love the painting nails and eating cookies!!!!! MMMMM!!!! and uh.seriously i have the WORST nail polish addiction right now...like canNOT stop buying it!!!!

  6. Oh, I ask myself this question a lot because boyfriend travels a lot for work. My answers? Cook what I really want for dinner (this usually includes seafood because he won't eat it), or nothing at all. Watch my TV shows without feeling guilty. Clean the house. Read. Work out. Paint my nails. Catch up on blogs. Stay up too late. Sleep in the middle or on his side of the bed. Smell his scent lingering on his pillows. Text him "Sweet Dreams."

  7. i LOVE this post!! you're so cute!!

  8. Haha, this is really cute.

  9. this post makes me smile a lot. you have such an eye for things. and i adore you.

  10. You and your eating cookies, painting your nails and hugging pillows is making me smile lady!

    Such a cute post!

  11. Haha that would be pretty much every night for me since I'm single, but hmm what do I do? Right now I'm watching the bachelorette. I always snuggle with my pupp. oh and I read about a billion romance novels to fill my non-romantic life. Definitely the last one the most. I absolutely tear through em.

  12. You were productive.

    Mad props.

    Hope he's back home soon!

  13. Since my husband is usually always home, I can't really say what. However, I do have my daughter so if he weren't home, I would spend my time with her. :O)

  14. First time reader but you just won me over totally with "jump in bed watch gilmore girls"

    Fav show of all time


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