Monday, July 19, 2010

The countdown is ON

There is exactly one month until my 26th birthday.
26... how did that happen?
I JUST turned 25, right?
You guys remember, dontcha?

25 really flew by. I intend to suck the life out of this next month and really get all I can out of the big 2-5!

What's that? You want to know what to get me? Well, aren't you the sweetest? I started an Amazon list for my family(I knew not of creating an Amazon list until the MR. introduced me and now it's kind of an addiction. I just add whatever I very well please, ridiculous or not, to it!), but how about your gift to me be that you continue to come on back here and be my pal? Yes... that sounds perfect ;) Oh also, i accept gifts in the form of cash. Just sayin'.

8 love notes:

  1. Birthdays are so much fun! :) Im sure 26 will bring you more happiness than 25 did love!

  2. this is exciting! give us the list!!!!

  3. yes yes give us the list! this amazon list thing sounds so addicting.

    cant wait til we get bring in year 26 with you via bloggy land!

  4. my baby is all growns up!!! Miss you lovies.

  5. i freaking love creating amazon lists. it's like an unhealthy disorder. i can categorize them any way i want!! i'm so excited to see how the rest of 25 treats you as well as how 26 will!

  6. My birthday is coming up too!! So exciting! :)

  7. Time does sure fly by!!
    But I hope you will have a great time being 26 <3


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