Monday, September 27, 2010

Random McRandomson- Come on downnnn!

A cool front is coming through this week and I couldn't be more happy about it!
I got some new running shoes last week and most days it's just been too hot to break them in.
This week... it is so on.
[Cute, no?]

Thursday was MR's 1/2 Birthday. Yes... we recognize 1/2 Birthday's around here (& by WE, I mean ME)! No big crazy celebrations are had(that would just be silly), however, there's never a bad time for a banner...
[my heart goes boom when i look at that boy]

Friday was date night. We accumulated some gift cards & decided to put them to use in the form of a date! Sushi & Easy A were on the menu & they were both delightful.
[It felt like watching your favorite 80's movie... just with a few updates. I dug it.]

I snagged this ahhmazing dress on sale at WH/BM today!
image enlargement
[It's a LBD-Charlotte style. I think I'll wear it to the wedding we're attending in Chicago in a few weeks]

A few questions came in about the owl ring seen in this post
Too Hoot to Handle Ring
Mine came from PacSun for $5! I never shop at PS, but the mall in my city is lacking and I was just dying to get out of the house that day. Ended up finding that cutie though, so I'm glad I did!
[this silver version is from ModCloth for {insert gasp} $10 more than I paid at PS]

12 love notes:

  1. Love that black dress! And happy happy 1/2 b-day to your man:-)

  2. Love the shoes and dress! Cannot wait to see Easy A! xoxo

  3. We're getting a cold front too! As in - we had our first snow yesterday! It didn't stick, but still! SO bogus!

    And I am dying to see that movie! Glad to hear you dug it!

  4. That dress is adorable!

    Enjoy that cool front. We got one here in Dallas and I'm LOVING IT!

  5. that dress is to die for! I bet it will look amazing on you!

    I also have that ring in silver and gold (plus a few others as well) and I got mine from forever 21.

    Have a great week Lacey!

  6. we celebrate half birthdays too! well, we celebrate andrew's because i don't like to be reminded that i am four months older than him. stupid, i know. :)

  7. easy a was such a good movie, cute pictures!!!
    you should check out my blog. I'm giving away free Jeffrey Campbell shoes before november 1st.

  8. the shoes r hot and the ring is so cute
    come follow and vote xo

  9. I have a pair of owl earring that I got from Forever 21 that would match that ring perfect. I loved Easy A. I thought it was adorable!

  10. I have that same exact ring! I got mine from Forever 21 though, so like $3. Haha, I love cheap jewelry!


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