Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blessing Counting

Oh, Hello Friends!

I am up bright and early with the sun today.
I have a bit of a cold & medicine and long bouts of sleep just don't mix well in my world.
Soooo, here I sit.
My window is open and I have a cup of coffee letting off steam next to me.
It's a nice morning & I'm reflecting and counting my blessings.
That's something I've found myself doing lately...
Blessing counting.
I went and had a facial yesterday
& as I lay there letting the lady scrub my face & massage oils on my neck,
I found myself counting my blessings.
Of course, there were the obvious:
My health, my family, MR, MR's family, my friends, and so on.
But also the not so obvious:
being exactly who I want to be, exactly who God wants me to be... & also being the girl that MR wants to spend all of his days and nights with. I have finally found the right mix.having a sister who is my best friendbeing able to find inspiration in unlikely sourceshaving the ability to come up with an idea in my head & then make it with my own two hands
being able to pick up the phone at any time of the day & knowing that I could dial 10+ numbers and each of the people on the end of the line would care about whatever I had to say.
My blessings are endless, aren't yours?
I find that it helps me relax, because for just a few moments in my day,
I am thinking of nothing but happy things.
No to do lists, no bad news, no hatred, no worries...
just blessings.

9 love notes:

  1. Lace face!!

    I love you! And I've missed you lately. This post is just perfect in every way. You've made my day so much brighter and happier.

    I'm so glad that you are so blessed with such wonderful people in your life, darling girl.

    Big kisses to you!! xo

  2. Beautiful post.. And I'm totally jealous of your facial! I so need one!

  3. counting our blessings is what makes this life wonderful. so glad to have the life i have! such a good post today. hope you feel better soon! =)

  4. So glad you're so happy. It really sounds like things are going your way!

  5. Amen! I feel so blessed and always want to take a second to be thankful!

  6. Lacey, how are you! I'm sorry for my brief absence from commenting. My real job was calling.

    But what a nice post to come back to. I'm glad this finds you well.

    Any like was echoed by other commenters, it's always important to take a minute to be thankful.

    Have a great weekend. And stop by my blog sometime. We miss you over there too.

  7. This is such a good reminder--I need to make a blessings list as well. <3


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