Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey O

We got back Monday evening, but it just wasn't time to post yet. I needed rest, relaxation, real food, a beer & a few hours to upload all of our pictures! My heart was also a little low for our sweet Summer Brown...I couldn't seem to find anything upbeat to post about.

I'm ready to share a few pictures today though & also,
kind of already ready to go back to Chicago!
[lucky ducks, we'll be back there in July]
As to not overload you with photos,
I'll share day 1/2 with you today & the rest next week.

Day 1 was spent exploring a bit & playing around the city

Self portrait on the trolley

A few sights we took in on the way to dinner at The Walnut Room in Macy's
[Marshall Fields]

I like to take pics of our feet... especially when you can tell just where we're at :)

I wish we had a metro system in New Orleans
We spent the 2nd day in Beecher, IL.
We hung with family, met friends & went to a nature preserve.
It was a lovely day!

Handsome & I take in the sights together

My MR pointing out some wildlife to his niece and nephew

Deer Crossing
It was back to Chicago for us on Day 3
We grabbed lunch in Millenium park, saw the bean,
went shopping & then went to MR's cousin's rehearsal dinner.

pretty pretty


That's me down there :)

I hope you have an amazing weekend!
See you all next week!

10 love notes:

  1. Super cute pictures, and I love your boots!!! Looks like a wonderful time in the windy city...I must go back so I can see that cool Millennium Park reflection sphere I see so many posing by!

    Liesl :)

  2. Awesome shots- love the feet pics!
    Happy weekend. :)

  3. ooh cute! looks like you had fun!! welcome back!
    LOVE your boots!!

  4. great photos! Looks like an awesome vacation!

  5. Looks like a fabulous time! I'm actually a bit jealous cause my husband will be heading out there in a little over a week to hang out with his cousin, exploring Chicago's site for a day or two. Something I've never done except for at the airport....yah me :o(

  6. Looks like an awesome time1 Chicago looks so pretty!

  7. Great pictures! Looks like a really fun trip.

  8. Such amazing photos!!! I LOVE THEM!! Looks like such a fun trip!!!

  9. Oh, such a cute couple you are!!! Glad to see you had a great trip!


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