Monday, October 11, 2010

I've Got A List Makin' Habit

I've been busy lately.
I find myself making lots of lists.
Sometimes lists make me feel better
and sometimes they just overwhelm me & make me feel worse.
But even in those overwhelmed moments, I think lists are a necessary evil.
Sometimes I like an old school list(like if I need to get a bunch of things done in one day)[who wouldn't want to check off everything on that list? I usually add something fun to my lists too.)
& sometimes I like a modern list via the world wide web. I use :)
Look closely & you'll see I have making 3 other lists on my list of things to do.
[However, I also added kissing my boyfriend to the list to offset all of the list making & boring tasks:)]

For all you other list makers out there...
do you have any tips or tricks to make life and lists a little easier?

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  1. ohhh this is why i adore you.

    I'm a list addict as well. I have a weekly master list, a daily list, an errands list, and a list for my assistant.

    I'm currently reading Organizing for Success by Kenneth Zeigler. Its actually helping me simplify and get stuff done more efficiently.

    Also, I use for all my little projects and such.

  2. What an awesome tool! I wish I knew about this week's ago when I was developing my vacation packing list!

    Thanks for the tip. :) Hope you cross everything off your list, including the fun things.

  3. love it. whenever i make a list, i always write something that i've already done that day so i can cross something off right away and it's not so intimidating. then i'm more apt to work on crossing more things off.. no idea why!

  4. I think more lists that include "kissing boyfriend" will really help:)

  5. I'm addicted to making lists too! They always help to keep my on track, although they do get overwhelming, like you said. I have a planner that I keep everything in though, just so I know where all of my plans and lists are at all times. It definitely helps, since I lose everything!

  6. "necessary evil"??? List are just pure organizational bliss! (Plus, they give you something to cross off, which is just so satifsying)

  7. Hey Lacey! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, really appreciate it. I sent you a message through the "contact me" link on your page, just let me know if you get it!

  8. I'm a list girl from way back!
    In my previous life when I had a career my daily list was divided into four sections on a page, Urgent (must be completed asap), Critical (tasks for my superiors), Career building (extra stuff), and Maintenance (clearing out email, daily tasks, and stuff). It really helped me organize my day.
    Now as a housewife, I still make a daily list to keep me from going insane and make me feel like I'm actually accomplishing things, but it's a much more relaxed version of my old work list.


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