Thursday, October 21, 2010

unexpected news & unpacking bags

hey lovlies! it's kenli from isn't that just peachy filling in for miss lacey while her and her mr are off in chicago!
i'm sure they're having a fantabulous time and i can't wait to see all of her pictures.
(by typing "fantabulous" above, i just learned that it is, indeed, a real word. love it!)

i opened up blogger this morning to some news that made my heart very sad.
miss summer b's daddy is back in the hospital and his cancer has spread.
she is in NOLA staying with him until he goes to heaven.
please send your prayers to summer, she has gone through so much lately.
such wonderful people shouldn't have to experience such horrible pain.
we love you summer and daddy butch!

i'm currently surrounded by an absolute mess that i don't want to even spend a minute on.
i just returned home from a 5 day trip to see my best friend in kansas.
is it weird that it makes me sad to have to start unpacking it?
i promised my mom i wouldn't live out of it, but it's so much more convenient.
everything is still folded nicely and there's already pre-planned outfits.
maybe i should pack suitcases for the week each weekend.

(hint, hint, lace.. don't unpack when you get home!)

is it just me or is this week absolutely flying?
enjoy your thursday!


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  1. I just lost my father at the beginning of the month so my heart goes out to ms. summer b. It's such a process to go through....not easy at all.

    I like your idea of living out of a suitcase on a daily basis... i bet it could make things easier for a while! And whenever you have to go on a trip, you are already packed! :)


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