Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Making traditions

MR and I had a wonderful first Christmas together & even cooked up a couple of
traditions for ourselves!
The first is our Christmas ornament. We wanted a "1st Christmas" ornament to hang on the tree, and being us... we decided we needed to make it ourselves. After throwing a few ideas around we settled on one we thought suited us, MR sketched it out
& then we painted it together :)
We decided we will make our own ornament every year until there are kiddos in the picture,
and then we'll hang their "creations" on the tree instead :)

The second tradition we began is our Christmas date!
We had dinner at Dominique's on Magazine Street.

It is a quaint little place that you could easily pass up if you weren't paying close attention. I assume it was once a double shotgun home that was turned into one "large" space. Cute, isn't it?
The inside was beautiful as well. There was exposed brick, wooden walls, gorgeous beamed ceilings which were painted white and it was all candlelit. We brought a bottle of wine that my best friend gifted us & had them uncork it for us. Then we ordered... and ordered... and ordered!
We had a cheese board to start, sweet breads for an appetizer, I ordered drum w/ corn risotto & MR ordered duck with parsnip puree.
By the time dessert rolled around we were full, the wine was gone & it seemed like a good time to head out. It was an amazing dinner!
Next we headed down to Christmas on Fulton street, only to find it was all closed down.
It was a tiny bummer, but we were just fine with going home and cuddling up b/c it was c-c-cold.Such sweet little traditions :)

Did you create any traditions this year?

5 love notes:

  1. I love these traditions, Lace! And that ornament is just precious, as are you and MR :)

    Love you!

  2. Did I miss something?
    Is that an engagement ring on your finger in the last picture?
    Sorry if I'm being rude and/or nosey, but there is talk of kids (someday) and a ring I hadn't notice before. :)

  3. Cute ornament. And the restaurant is adorable!

    Also, what nail polish is that? It's a lovely colour...


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