Saturday, January 1, 2011

New is good, right?

Hello there 2011. It is lovely to meet you!
I am Lacey and I'm hoping you and I will be fast friends.
Honestly, I am hoping for a lot from you, 2011.
I hope you'll bring my sweet friends beautiful babies.
I hope you'll bring my MR a bit of good luck.
I hope you'll bring my dear friend a beautiful wedding day.
I hope you'll bring my family & friends good health.
I hope you'll spread some happiness and help heal last years pain.
I hope you'll bring me motivation, inspiration & better time management.
I hope you'll bring nights of love and laughter and perfection.

Be good to us 2011, and we'll be good to you.

(pst, it's 1-1-11... isn't that weird?!)

9 love notes:

  1. Nice..I think 2011 is gonna be good, too!

  2. Sounds Fantastic Lacey! Happy New Years from a fellow Lace!

  3. Happy New Year, sweet girl!!!

    I am loving this blog design, that header is adorable and so 'Lacey!'

  4. Well said and Hapy New Year!

    Just found you in the following now. Lovely blog.

  5. hahah i love your letter to the new year :)


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