Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas ramblings and gifts

The weekend was busy, but good busy for once this holiday season! I think it's going to really start feeling like the holidays for me now & i couldn't be happier about that!
I got some Christmas shopping done for mine & MR's nieces and nephews and am so stinkin' proud that I'm already almost done(and I really just started)! I think I just need 2 little extra gifts for them and bing bang boom... I'M DONE! I really focused on buying toys that aren't over the top with electronics and all the bells and whistles. I just don't think that's always necessary. I purchased a few Melissa & Doug toys, some wooden building blocks and lace up cards that I think our babes will love! & Of course, each of them will be getting something that I had a hand in creating :). Now on to finishing shopping for MR.
We have decided to spend $50 on one another for gifts and go on a nice little Christmas dinner date instead of going absolutely koo-koo crazy on gifts. My favorite thing in the world is spending time with him, and it's all I really want to do since I've been outta my brain lately.
Speaking of spending time with him... we took some pictures for Christmas cards on Sunday and we got a couple of really cute ones. I will share those as soon as I send the cards out ;)
I can, however, share a picture of just moi that I took for my Grandmother.
She asks for a picture of me every year for Christmas... and this year I decided to deliver the goods! I pulled out a shirt that my Mom has had hanging in the closet my entire life to wear. It was the top to the last outfit my Grandfather bought her before he passed away in 1972.
The photos were taken in front of my Grandfather's barn. I hope she loves them and the meaning :)

Also this weekend, I took a little time-out to grab lunch with the ladies behind
Brown Eyed Belle
Nola Girl
& Dixie Lust
It was so nice to see their lovely faces in person! We took a picture, but mine came out with a weird haze in front of it, so I will have to wait until one of them posts one and snag it!

Back to work & back to figuring out what else to put in MR's stocking!
What are y'all getting for your men this year?

12 love notes:

  1. You look adorable and lucky you got to meet them :)

  2. what a pretty top and such great meaning behind it!

  3. That picture is really special, Lace. I'm sure your grandma will adore it.

    PS: You're pretty. xo

  4. I love that picture. So, no doubt grammy will too. Very cute fence. And I love the top.

  5. i heard it was a blast meeting everyone! next time i am home, we will meet and hug and laugh and dance!

  6. I love the picture- but I'm sure your Grandma will love it even more.

    *He* is Jewish- so I gave him a couple pricier things for Hannukah. But since he'll be spending time with my fam on Christmas, I bought him a couple little things to open. IE: he's mentioned wanting a Smart Car. Mainly because he's 6'6" so he'd feel like a giant in it. So I bought him a lego smart car then found a site where you can design little lego men- so I built one to look like him (plus a couple fun accessories). I hope he has as much fun with it as I had buying it!

    Good luck shopping!

  7. What a cute picture, Lacey! Have fun finishing up your shopping!

  8. Cute pic! I'm sure your grandmother is going to love it.

    I made boyfriend write a Christmas list this year to help me with my shopping, and it consists of tools and workbench accessories! So, I'm getting him a couple of things off of that, plus some much-needed underwear and a popcorn ornament that reminded me of him because he loves popcorn!

  9. cute pic, i LOVE the meaning behind it! so sweet!

  10. That picture is so thoughtful and beautiful!

  11. What a great photo! I love it :)


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