Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Listography


I made some gift tags to top off mine & MR's gifts to everyone.
Oh, the cuteness :)

I ordered a bridesmaid dress. It's lovely, isn't it? It kind of made my heart hurt a little bit though when(while on hold with the dress shop) I realized how much money I have spent on bridesmaids dresses. Oy. Had I put all the money I spent on bridesmaid dresses in a piggy bank, I could pay for myself a really nice wedding dress one day... IN CASH. Or just taken a really kick ass vacation. That said, I do enjoy the whole bridesmaid thing usually :)

I worked worked worked. Just finishing up the last of the holiday orders!
I have decided to be a bit more zen about things this week. I just keep breathing and telling myself "It. Will. Get. Done." Because a girl's gotta wash her hair and paint her nails, ya know? I can't be stressin' about that! I think my boyfriend just about went insane this season with my busy body ways.

[I was able to snag a picture from Julie to share with y'all!]
Me, Michelle, Julie & Jen after lunch last weekend.
Weird seeing us all in one picture, huh?

I loved hearing some of your gifts for your men yesterday! Tell me more!

4 love notes:

  1. So glad you all got to meet :)

    Love the gift tag creation!

  2. Umm I love that gift tag! Gah wanna make some for me?! This needs to be in your etsy lady.

  3. I am obsessed with that picture of us!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!


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