Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Note to self:

Dear Self,

I love December & the feelings it gives me.
But this week... well, I am going to have to remind myself to stop, take a deep breath
& welcome it with open arms... b/c Wowza, am I busy!?

This December I will be:
Celebrating the season in as many ways as possible
Meeting a friend for the first time, who I've "known" for a while (pst, you "know" her too!)
Baking some yummies & creating some cuteness
Laughing a ton
Seeing my girlfriends for the first time in months
Spending Christmas with the sweetest, most handsome man in the world
& thanking God for all of the outrageous blessings in my life

6 love notes:

  1. Hope you have an amazing month, Lacey!

  2. I hope it is a December filled with all the joys you love, Lacey!

    Liesl :)

  3. I love this time of year!!! Have a great month!

  4. amen. love this sign. take it all in. 'tis the seasoN!!!

  5. I love December, but I feel you on being busy! Have a fantastic month. :)


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