Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Next Stop: Lacey Land

I've been working.
I wake up and immediately begin working. Mid-day I usually have to hit up the fabric store or have some other necessary errand & then it's right back home to continue working. I work and work and work until I simply cannot process thoughts any longer. Seriously, last night I sat there staring at thread and a needle trying to remember what I was going to do with it. [Uhm, thread the needle, Lacey... duh.] My work days have been ending no earlier than 10:30... no later than midnight. To say I'm tired is an understatement, but I'm lucky to have the work... so I push on.
As level headed as I can be about it... parts of me simply don't understand.
For example:My feet are craving a massage.My hair is craving a trim.Call me crazy, but I swear I actually felt my fingertips craving glittery polish today.And my stomach? Is most definitely craving sushi. GOOD sushi.

And all of these things are like, "Hey woman, what the hell is going on? Give us the goods!"

So SOON, very soon, I plan to shut the world out and give them what they're craving.
Because I have to be honest, I may go crazy if I don't.
Oh yeah, and I'll continue to look a hot mess.
Once they are all content, I can dive back in to my crazy little world of work.
Maybe I'll even feel so spiffy that I will be inspired to create something new & pretty for ya!?
Just maybe...

How do you stay grounded when your life gets too busy?

4 love notes:

  1. this post just reminded me how neglected my nails and hair are. I keep saying right after the holiday's.

  2. I totally feel ya on this. If I'm not at work insanely busy, I'm at home trying to finish 16 different projects. Its hard to keep up sometimes!!!

  3. All of the above!!
    I am serious need of a haircut. Sadly, it prob won't happen until after Christmas.


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