Monday, January 17, 2011

GG Red Carpet Fashion

I didn't watch the awards, only the red carpet.
Sometimes I can handle awards shows,... sometimes, nahsomuch.
Mostly if I watch, it's for the fashion.
Last night, I happened to be at dinner with MR, so that definitely trumps the golden globes.
Here were my thoughts on what I saw of the red carpet:

Amber Riley of Glee
I thought she looked fabulous! She's a bigger girl & she's not trying to hide her curves! I appreciate that. Gorgeous!
Maria Menounos of I don't know what Maria Menounos was doing there
I saw a couple of women sporting this barely there color, but I think in her case she did it right.
Adding texture was definitely the way to go with this color.(Also, having darker hair helps pull it off) Plus... she's teeny tiny, so the horizontal stripes aren't hurting her.
Don't know how i feel about it:

Olivia Wilde of Tron: Legacy
Part of me kind of loved this Glenda the Good Witch gone bad thing she had going on...
but I'm pretty sure it was the part of me that really loves tacky things, like prom gowns.

Diana Agron of Glee
She's a beautiful girl, but I didn't care for this on her at all.
It not only blends in with her skin, but her hair(which looks a little pageanty) is also washing it all out. And then there is the issue with it cutting into her itty bitties. Her boobs are non existent... how did she manage to find a dress that cuts into them? It's like the dress is an inch too short up top.

Natalie Portman of Everything
Ick. Ick. Ick.
I hate seeing pregnant women drape themselves this way. Why not just start wearing the hospital gown now, Natalie? Her bump seems to really have made an appearance and I bet she would have been adorable in something that actually showed it off. Sidenote: The dress, aside from draping... is just plain ugly.

So, do we agree?
Are you throwing up your dukes and callin' me crazy?

12 love notes:

  1. Not Natalie Portman's finest moment

  2. Agreed!!! Olivia Wilde's looked too prom to me and she should have did something different w/ her hair

  3. I am totally agreeing!!! So mad at Natalie. This was HER night. And now all we remember was a terrible dress. Booooo!!!!! I totally missed Maria. LOVE that dress. Good calls lady!

  4. I watched the red carpet on E! and I couldn't believe how they were saying they loved Natalie's dress! She looked so frumpy :( Also, I am gonna go out on a limb and say that I, personally, thought that Halle Berry was the worst dressed beautiful woman. Yuck.

  5. Lacey my dear! Happy New Year! It's been too long. And I hope this finds you doing well.

    I agree about Natalie Portman. I didn't care for "Black Swan," but I did think it was an amazingly acted movie. So from an awards standpoint, I agree. But from a red-carpet-attire-standpoint - ick is right!

  6. I loved LOVED Amber's choice!! She looked amazing!!!

  7. I totally agree. Natalie's dress was awful. I'm sure she could have found something much cuter to show off her baby bump better than hiding it under that!

  8. I guess Im the only one who liked Natalies dress. The flower in the middle was a little strange, but I thought she looked very pretty, and whimsical.

    I do agree that Amber was totally rocking it.

  9. omg natalie's dress was to DIE for! love love loved her look. but you're right, amber's look was perf!


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