Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lacey Appreciation Day

The weather here the last few weeks has been very cold & therefore, much of my time lately has been spent indoors. Maybe that has something to do with my downer attitude & anxiety lately?
Sooo, last weekend MR decided I needed a field trip. He declared it Lacey Appreciation Day, scooped me up & we headed into the city to play.
[maybe I mentioned there should be a national lacey appreciation day at some point... maybe not? ;)]

We strolled through the French Market,
where we grabbed a sweet vintage goody for my bff's birthday

We stopped in to the cigar factory & watched as men hand rolled cigars! MR bought his Dad a couple :)

We popped in a little shop called Red Lantern & got MR a pair of cute socks!

We went to Crescent City Brew House & had a yummy lunch and did a beer tasting!

& When we got home, MR gave me a Lacey Appreciation Day gift!
& I'm in love!
[with the hottie above & with the gift]
[it was an additional Christmas gift he had ordered but wasn't going to come in for Christmas... hence, 'Lacey Appreciation Day' when it came in. He totally overdid it with Christmas, so the little break between gifts was good! Plus... just because gifts are the BEST!]

It was such a wonderful day & filled my brain with happy, positive thoughts!

[feel free to send a link to this post to your man... I believe the title should be "fill in your name here appreciation day" ;)]

8 love notes:

  1. that is so incredibly cute?
    will you be celebrating MR appreciation day later this year? lol only seems fair.

  2. sweetness! I love this idea :) He's a keeper.

  3. awwww so sweet!!!! What a cutie!

  4. I think "Just Because" gifts are the best as well. My boyfriend is a strong believer in "Just Because" whether it's a surprise date after work or flowers or a gift, it makes me feel so loved and special.

    Glad I found your blog!

    Hilary Anne

  5. Aw... how sweet and what a great day! I hope you feel better now... that sparkly ring should bring some light into your life. :) It's beautiful.

  6. I wish it was "Lacey Appreciation Day" every day! Haha!

    I hope you enjoyed it.


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