Thursday, January 27, 2011

Title Schmytle

Oh, hey there.
Yeah... I'm still alive.

There were a couple of moments where I wasn't so sure.  I was positive my life line had gone flatter than Mary Kate & Ashley.  My fever was high, my body was cold & I could see the light(Okay, so maybe it's was the sun beaming through my window)... but I made it!  I pulled through just for you guys.  You're welcome!

Let's be a little random...

I probably need these.  I'm just sayin'.
Summer posted a living room & hallway home tour this week & I swooned.  So fun, comfty & lovely!

I've had these saved on my computer for a while & am finally getting around to sharing them! Lady like Mustaches... of course!  via

Tomorrow, MR & I are packing up the car & heading to Tallahassee for the weekend with the rest of his family to celebrate his nephew's 5th Birthday!  Cross your fingers for me that this cold is really going bye bye so I can enjoy the weekend with everyone!  Hope you all have a great weekend, wherever you are! xo

7 love notes:

  1. I have those ladies mustaches too... Someone recently posted them .

  2. glad you're back and hope you're feeling much much better! Road trips are always fun ... i'm jealous!

  3. hahahahaha flatter than mary-kate and ashley!
    I'm dying...

    k I'm back. Glad you feel better!

  4. I LOVE these pictures and of course the ladylike mustches! have a fun weekend in Tallahassee!

  5. I love those shoes! I haave to have them!!!

  6. New reader! Love your blogs! That room is sooo cute!

  7. oh my goodness, I WANT THOSE SHOES!!! fabulous :)

    and what fun mustaches!!! thanks for sharing them-- i'm going to print them out and put them in letters i send to friends :)

    thanks for joining my little giveaway-- it means A LOT! xoxo i can't wait to read more about you


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