Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Wee Bit of Me

Hi there!  A little random writing exercise to get my brain flowing today.  Feeling a little stuck, knowwhatimeanverne?

{one} what was your favorite sitcom growing up?
Ohhh man... there are a bunch popping into my brain right now.  For some reason My Two Dads threw itself in there!  Random. I also totally got my rocks off to reruns of The Brady Bunch & The Partridge Family. & I liked all of the TGIF shows, of course!
{two} what song always makes you happy when you hear it?
Regina Spektor- On the Radio

{three} do you still have your wisdom teeth?
Noooo.  Those bad boys had to come out via emergency surgery.  One night my freshman year in college they decided they didn't much like being in my gums anymore & started pushing like they were being birthed.  The oral surgeon took them out first thing the next morning before his office even opened.  It was the most painful relief ever.

{four} what is your go to way to relax?
A bubble bath & a mixpod track.

{five} do you play any instruments?

{six} nude beaches: yes or no?
Well, I don't care to be nude on a beach... but to each his own.

{seven} do you chew your pens/pencils?
I have chewed a pen or two in my life, yes.

{eight} can you change the oil in your car?
No.  I pay someone else to do it for me & I'm fine with that.

{nine} can you curl your tongue?

{ten} can you knit or crochet?
This may surprise you, but I've never tried.  It doesn't seem like my cup of tea!  I prefer quicker projects!

3 love notes:

  1. with all the coffee I drink, knitting will probably never happen.

    Oh and I am downloading that Regina Spektor song right now

  2. I just found your blog and am now following you.

    I enjoyed reading your about me. Sounds like we've got some things in common. Ideally, I would like to learn how to knit and/or quilt -but with a 2 year old running around like a monkey, I don't see it happening.

    Happy Wednesday to you!


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