Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have A Heart

Heart shaped pizza!  Papa Johns has nothing on us! & Lucky Duck wine :)
(because it's cheap & because we are!  Lucky, not cheap!  Maybe both?)
 Valentine goodies :)
The card MR made me wouldn't stand up, but it was so sweet!  He sketched a tree with our initials carved in it on the front.  What a cute boy!
Rolo brownies & heart sprinkled ice cream!

& That's what our Valentine's Day looked like :)
Plus that little trip to bucks and walk in the park that I mentioned in yesterday's post!
How was your V-day?  Did you post about it?  Leave me a link!

8 love notes:

  1. Yum... heart-shaped pizza and lucky wine! Love it!

    Yes, I posted about my Valentine's Day over on the bloggie. Go on and check it out when you get a minute.

  2. Oh that pizza looks great and nice gift thingies.

    I did post about V-day but it's the complete anti-thesis of the whole thing. Not the most appropriate of posts either for people who enjoyed v-day.

    : )

  3. this is very sweet-- love the card! you have a good man, i hope you keep him ;)

  4. My BF & I had lucky duck on V-day too! It's pretty delish considering it's $5!

  5. Love the heart shaped pizza, looks like a sweet Valentines day!


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