Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine-y Girl

As my nephew kissed me and told me goodbye yesterday evening, he wrapped his little arms around my neck and said "I love you, Valentine-y Girl!"  & he made my heart swoon.
Then the Valentine-y girl & her MR went for coffee & a walk in the park. 
[We're not sure why the Valentine-y Girl's forehead looks like Tyra Banks'. Weird angle? Or maybe I really do have a mega long forehead]
& the MR took photos of the Valentine-y Girl in her new boots and Valentine swag
A few weeks ago, CSNstores.com sent me a lovely pair of grey boots to review & I have to tell you,
shoes may just be the most fun thing I've ever reviewed!  Who doesn't love a good pair of boots?  I LIVE in boots from October to February.

These boots are mega comfty & though I chose grey, they come in a few other colors as well.  There is enough of a heel to give you that little boost, but it's short enough that they didn't make my feet hurt in the least!  Thanks so much to CSNstores.com for the opportunity to review these great boots!

Outfit details:
Cardigan: It's Our Time- Marshall's a few years ago
Dress: Max Rave- Rave (they were going out of business & I went in just to see if they had any cute jewelry! I came out with this dress for $3! & they actually had some cute stuff in there!  I hadn't been in since i was a teenager & everything was crap-o-la) I've seen this dress at Marshall's & F21 as well! 
Jeggings: F21- Forever 21
Boots: Journee Collection- CSNstores.com
Hair accessory: This flower was in my wrapping paper drawerApparently it had been tied to a gift & I thought it lovely enough to either re-use it or re-purpose it! I just hot glued a barrette on to it & voila!  Not rocket science, but cute all the same.  I will re-wear it next weekend at a luau couples shower too!
Can't really see my ring, but it came[via my sweet boyfriend] from Creations by Cat on Etsy!

10 love notes:

  1. You look wonderful! And I love the hair flower :)

  2. that is really cute, valentiney girl! aww!

  3. that looks like the perfect Valentine's day outfit.. not too obvious but definitely has a romantic feel. And I am such a sucker for a flower in the hair!

  4. You are THE cutest!!! and I looooove the boots. almost as much as I love you!

  5. you look absolutely stunning! i have a pair of boots like those from targetto and they're my FAVE! the only thing i hate about them is that i wore them out the first night i got them and the toes got all ripped up so i had to color them in with a pencil... yeah, ghetto fabulous!

    i hope yours are MUCH better than that!

  6. You are gorgeous as always friend! And I am loving the boots!


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