Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shiny & New

 I recently worked with a designer to create a new look for my shop.  I have made my previous banners & reserved listing markers and just used a photo for my avatar.  I wanted everything to look put together though and am so glad I finally took a leap and hired someone to help!

Some previous banners, made a'la me & the help of picnik or some other photo editing website:

This may have been my first banner.  It's fine and dandy & I kept it for a good long while.
I felt like my banner needed a holiday spiff, and that's where picnik stickers came in.  Gotta love them.  I kind of adore the ginger bread man as the A in my name :)
Itching for a change, I went super simple.  I dug it, but knew it was definitely temporary until I was brave enough to hire someone.
 Here is my brand new, shiny, lovely banner!  I just love all of the little embroidery hoops & frames!  Do you see the MR+LW one?  L♥VE!  I think my shop finally "feels" like me & it makes me happy every time I click in and see it all!  I have to tell you, I am not the best at working with other creative types.  It is hard to let go of control, you know?  Some people like being told "This is exactly what I want" and some, nahsomuch.  The poor designer sent me a few prototypes to choose from and I'm all, "Scratch everything I told you before... here's what I REALLY want."  She did a great job with it(& me!) though & I couldn't have been happier to have hired her!  She was so sweet & patient with me!  If you like what you see, go visit Kayleigh at Locketmoon Designs!  She does blog designs too!

More newness:
 Cutest little avatar I ever did see!
Reserved listing photo!

4 love notes:

  1. I love it, Lace!!! Everything goes so perfectly together and says Lacey to a tee :)

  2. How cute! Definitely worth the investment I think. This reflects you soooo well.


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