Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saturday Happiness: Blog Friend Style

Last Saturday was the bees knees.  That's right... the knees of the bees!  I got to wrap my arms around Julie, Melanie, Trish, Summer & Daphne and spend a little face to face time laughing and chatting.  Each and every one of them is just what you see on their blogs & even more.  It just felt like hanging out with old friends & that made me oh so happy. I snagged these from Julie because my camera conveniently croaked as soon as I pulled it out to take a picture.

It's a strange feeling to sit and talk with women you have never spent face to face time with(I have met julie girl once before, but it was a quick lunch!) and feel like they already know you.  Maybe they don't know your mannerisms like the friends who have been around forever, but they know your heart & your personality. The things we share on blogs, are sometimes from the innermost dwellings of our hearts.  We escape here to write out what our hearts and brains are feeling & usually(for me, anyway) besides discussing it with my boyfriend or sister... this is the only place it's spoken of. I am lucky to have found you all, who genuinely care & fill my inbox with love.
 I eyed this top in a boutique last time I was in the city & then saw it on Mod Cloth & stalked it a bit... so I decided to cave and buy it for myself!  I scooped it up after I left the girls on Saturday & after taking it in a bit(they didn't have my size), it fits perfect & i love it!  Don't you love the sweet umbrella print?  I like quirky little prints :)

Sunny side up print
KLAW has a new print in her shop!  Isn't it cute?  All proceeds go to Summer & Adam to help towards their journey in adopting a little nugget of their own.  Pretty great cause, right?  Please go check out Kristen's shop & scoop up a "Sunny side up" print!  [convo her if you don't see any listed!]

7 love notes:

  1. Yippeeeeee! Sooooo happy to finally meet you in person, although it felt like I'd known you forever :) You are so beautiful inside and out! Can't wait to get together again! Please oh please let's plan it soon! xoxo

    Loving KLaw's print too, perfect for our sweet Summer and Adam.

    A big hug and kiss to you doll - as Lisa would say, Mwah! And another on the other! :) xoxo

  2. I stole J's pics too! I cannot find my camera cord to upload mine!

    It was so amazing seeing y'all! Felt like old times. You know? Next time, I will stay longer!!!!!!

    And thank you for passing on the print for us! MUCH LOVE, SISTA!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love that you all got to meet!!! How exciting!

  4. i think it's amazing that you all met!!! I am loving that.

  5. I found you through Julie, and I cannot believe that I have not been following you all along! Love your adorable blog filled with NOLA goodness!

  6. It looks like you guys must have had so much fun. I've yet to go to any type of blogger meet-up, but if think it'd be such a great thing to actually meet the people you're always reading about

  7. That's pretty cool to meet some of your blog friends in person. I really like that idea.

    I hope you had a great weekend.


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