Thursday, March 17, 2011

Words That Leave My Lips

Friend: "Hey what's up?  How have you been?"
Lacey: "Eh, not so good.  I dreamt about Bieber last night."
Friend:  "Woof.  Nevermind. What I had to tell you doesn't compare.

Psssst!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all of my Irish(&Irish lovin') friends!

8 love notes:

  1. Too cute! I think you already know, but I'm having a great Spring giveaway that ends tomorrow! Make sure you enter if you haven't already! Have a fantastic day honey! Kori xoxo

  2. I had a dream about him too, like 2 weeks ago. Totally weird, I'm not even a fan!

  3. hi Lacey, kinda scary you dreamt about JB last night! but you will be fine! :P it's so nice and suprising you left a comment on my blog. never thought you would see it! thank you for your sweet comment Lacey and keep up the good work. You've a really nice blog going on here:)
    love Jenna Nolten

  4. haha awww. I think I am honestly the only person over 16yrs of age that actually thinks he is talented...maybe I'm weird...but I definitley had a dream about him a few weeks ago...I think we all have a little bit of Bieber Fever even if we don't want to..

  5. LOL! Poor thing:P Edward Cullen was once in my dreams...

  6. as much as I love him, I haven't dreamed about him yet... wait do you love him or not love him?!



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