Friday, April 1, 2011

The 4th Month

Hey fools!  No jokes for me today, it's been a long week & honestly, I don't want to jinx anything! haha :)
I can't believe it is already April!  I am pretty sure March must have been in a hurry(had to pee really bad or something) and just sped right past me.
I have a feeling that April has a big bunch of fun stuffed in her purse and is ready to bust it out for me, so I'm personally pretty excited to see her gorgeous face.(April is a feminine month, duh.)
Weekend 1 Fun:
Drinks with MR at our neighborhood club(this day last year we hung out for the 2nd time & that's where we went) Brunch with the girls,  Dinner to celebrate my Grandmother's Birthday!

In other news... I have boobs.
That's right, boobs.
Here's why I want to talk about them...
Apparently, women who have boobs aren't supposed to be petite & well, that's not working for me.
I'm have a big problem in the bathing suit department this year, folks!  I am in need of a strapless bikini top b/c I am the MOH in my friend's wedding at the end of May & from now until then, there will be a few day trips to the beach & 1 bachelorette weekend at the beach.(Nobody ever liked a bridesmaid with tan lines.)  
I got pretty excited when I walked into Target & found they have quite a few strapless bikini tops with underwire.  I thought the booby Gods were shining down on me!  Then I did what all girls do when they are bra/bikini shopping... I felt the top up.  What did I find?  3 inches of non-removable padding.  
::Sigh:: What does a girl who needs 3 inches of padding in her bikini need underwire for?
I've tried on 3 tops that would have been promising had I been a bit bigger everywhere else...
so naturally, I tried the size down on & well, once "everwhere else "fit great, my boom booms were so squeezed in and pushed up that I looked like Pammy Anderson.  Disappointed, I gave up on bikini shopping and began to get dressed.  About the time that I had put my bra back on & begun to hang the bikini tops, I looked in the mirror.  There I stood in bikini bottoms and a black strapless bra.  LIGHT BULB!!!
I am going to turn a bra into a bikini top!  Any ideas or tutorials(if you've seen some other sad bikini shopping woman do this) would be so appreciated!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I have friends with your exact problem...annoying, I know! :) I have smaller ones and still tend to have a problem because the band part is never tight enough and on any strapless dress, like ones I've had to wear for bridesmaid dresses, I have to get in the smallest size and then taken in, which has always ended up costing me more than the dress I feel for you!

    That said, I love your idea about turning a regular bra into a bikini top!!! So smart...along similar lines, when I am on set they have often taken a regular bra and cut off the straps to then make a well fitted strapless bra and even sewn it into the clothes.

    Would love to see if you come up with a DIY!

    Liesl :)

  2. I am quit impressed with your creativity on this front... and yea I got really excited about a bathing suit top in target yesterday just to feel that same stupid padding. I don't need help in that area either.

    I felt super creepy because I had your boobs in the frame the whole time I was reading the top half of this post... then I realized it was ok because that's what we're talking about today hahhaa


  3. I almost spit out my coffee when I read, "I have boobs!" Too funny, but love that bikini top. Have a great weekend honey! Kori xoxo

  4. such a great idea, love. i wanna see how you do it. do you think the above is a bra??????

  5. I have the exact same problem. What is the deal with all that padding??? Crazy!

  6. I've never really tried, so I can't give advice there. But I always buy my swim suits from Victoria's Secret. You can buy the tops and bottoms separately, and the sell tops based on bra size. So maybe you could find something there?

  7. Try Victoria's Secret. They are a little pricey, but they are designed for women who are blessed in the chest. :)

  8. Hiya...I just happened upon this post while looking for a tutorial for the same issue! I guess not enough people have this issue :(

    I found a tutorial on YouTube about covering a bra that seems like a good start here:

    Just keep in mind that if it is going to be used in a pool (chlorine can break down some materials and mess up color) your material options are really your only limitations. Good luck!

  9. Sweetie, You look FABULOUS! You know, I'm the COMPLETE opposite. This one has a Boo-TAY and I'm SO thankful for the stores that sell bathing suits in separates! And when I'm really desperado I have no problem going to JoAnn's and picking up some "fillers". Although they make me look HUGE, I feel so much more "balance" - ass v small boobs. It's amazing that women talk about this all the time and the clothing companies have only recently picked up on this. Congrats on finding an A-DOR-ABLE strapless suit. You're a cutie and young. Show it off!


  10. I've always wanted to do this. Here"s a link


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