Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Love

It's me.
Sorry I have been a little absent.
Sometimes I suck that way.
How are you?
Good?  Me too.
See?  We're the kind of friends who pick up right where we left off... the awkwardness only lasts a few seconds and then we're in slumber party mode.
I like that about us.
Now put the brownie down, french brain my hair & act interested :)

1st: I ♥ KKP
Kenli Kaye turns the big(cough cough) two oh today.
If you don't know Kenli, you're seriously missing out on some goodness.
She has a pretty little face and a sick sense of humor and I love the stuffin out of her, y'all!
(Yes, yes I did make you a super disturbing John Mayer Head Birthday Cake.  You're very welcome.  Haaappy Birthday, little lady!)

2:I ♥ cupcakes
As proof  from my John Mayer Head Birthday Cake, I like to bake!  I have been planning to make cupcakes for the bachelorette party I am throwing next weekend & finally found a recipe I want to use!  My girlfriends love when I make strawberry cupcakes, so I think they will be presently surprised with the little upgrade here!
curteousy of Inside BruCrew Life

3: I ♥ shoes
It has been brought to my attention by my feet that I need some comfortable "on the go" shoes.  When MR & I spend our days pounding the pavement making our own little adventures up as we go, I usually come home with blisters on the bottoms of my piggies.  Ouch.  I super mega like these Toms.  The nautical feel & rope bottoms make me just a little bit giddy.  Toms also remind me of my Grandaddy's slippers and that makes me grin :)


Happy Wednesday, lovers.


9 love notes:

  1. Hahahah...I love your opening. So cute, so true. And I am making those cuppy-cakes too this weekend...yummo! I am itching to get Inside Bru Crew...she rocks!!! Have a great time.

  2. I'm making my kids get me Toms for Mother's Day. I can't wait, everyone says they are so comfortable!

  3. Great things you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Love those toms!

  4. I have my pillow ready for pillow fights and nail polish all set to jazz up my toes - totally slumber party ready! :) Those cupcakes sound to-die... I just might have to start baking! XO

  5. What great things for this post! Stopped by from WILW.. Thanks for sharing what you're loving today!

  6. I love cupcakes too! happy birthday to your friend

  7. oh miss lacey! your cake made my day - i love you oodles. thank you so much for the sweet sweet words!

    i kind of really want some of those cuppycakes to stick a candle in and sing to myself ;) have a wonderful week!

  8. you have to explain this john mayer headed cake thing... seriously... I love him.



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