Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keep Up!

I've been a busy girl.
Between work, planning a friend's bridal shower & celebrating lovin' my MR, I've barely had time to watch mindless television.  ALMOST ;)

Let's start with the mindless television watching, shall we?
After MR falls asleep I turn it to Bravo & hope that a re-run of one of the Real Housewives will be on.  The other night I as blessed with another show that made me cringe, laugh & question my intelligence all at once.  What show could I possibly be talking about, you ask?
 Why, Pregnant in Heels, of course!  Clearly, this woman is not pregnant(though she'd like to be, bless her heart)... she is a baby concierge or something of that nature.  I can't remember the ridiculous title that has been bestowed upon her.  On this episode of Pregnant in heels, Rosie(baby whisperer) has been hired by a couple expecting their second child/first son to help them choose a name for their baby.  They refer to it "branding" their baby.  UHM, WHAT?  Rosie then puts together a "think tank" of "experts" to help decide the name of this lucky(not at all doomed b/c his parents are certifiable)child.  One of the "experts" is Rosie's assistant.  I'll let his picture do the talking...
 [baby naming expert extraordinar]
Yeah.  I'm being serious.  Soooo, clearly I have to continue to watch this show b/c it's so bad it's good.

Moving on :)

I've been doing Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown, which I am referring to as "Power Yoga", because it makes you a hot sweaty mess.
There are a few times a workout that I shout at Jillian, 30 Day Shred style, but I give the workout 2 thumbs up overall.
MR & I decided to celebrate our Anniversary(which was Sunday) all weekend long.
Friday he showed up at my house with a lovely bunch of purple iris'(such a sweet man he is!) & took me to dinner at the place we had our first "real" date.  It was perfect.
Saturday we hopped in the car and headed to the French Quarter for French Quarter Fest.
Here are a few pictures from the day:
 We grabbed dinner at Acme Oyster House where we had raw oysters(me=2, MR=22... I kid you not!), cold beer & a fried oyster & shrimp poboy.  It. Was. Yum.
 Relaxing and listening to some tunes.
(French Quarter Fest is a music fest where a ton of bands play at multiple different stages throughout the Quarter.)
[yes, I went choppa style on my hair and got rid of 5 inches... also, my eyes are picking up the green in MR's shirt, they aren't normally that green.  They are brown with flecks of green and gold, but this looks green to the extreme!]
[2 thumbs up for a seriously tacky hat]
[Not sure why I went with the Wonder Woman pose for this one]
MR snaps some photos of a bad hat dress up session while on an impromptu bad souvenier shop stroll.  I just can't pass a hat rack without trying a few on!
Oh & Sunday we had a crawfish boil with MR's fam!  It was great... and also yum!  I had a delicious weekend, now that I'm thinking about it.  Guess I better do a little more of that Power Yoga, eh?

Now I'm elbow deep in tissue paper, making pom pom flowers for the bridal shower & just remembering I have yet to buy a gift.  MUST. BUY. A. GIFT.  I have made so many cute decorations that I can't wait to show y'all though!  Next week, my friends!


7 love notes:

  1. Happy Anniversary Doll!

    Looks like you two had a fabulous weekend:)


  2. I love the little peaks into your life. Such fun. And holy, killer green eyes!!!

  3. I wrote a post last week about Pregnant in Heels. It's so ridiculous I LOVE IT! haha

    I also have the Jillian Yoga Meltdown but I've only done it like twice. I'm so lazy and keep saying I'm going to start it again. We'll see. haha.

  4. I've never seen that show. Looks, umm...yeaaah! I'll pass...lol!

    Sounds like the weekend was super fun! Never been to New Orleans but I love Jazz so I'm sure I would have a blast.

  5. happy anniversary you two! i heart your hair and those pretty green eyes!

    glad i got to creepily chat with you over the weekend about swimming suits, bras, and the sort. ;) haha


  6. There is NO way I would ever allow that man to name (or perhaps brand?) my child! Just sayin'.

    Happy anniversary to you! Sounds like a fab weekend! XO

  7. Yoga Meltdown looks awesome! And this is random, but you have have the most AMAZING green eyes! Gorgeous.


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