Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'

[Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom and Kristen Stewart of Twilight]


Remember my last "I'm Just Sayin?"- also a Teen Mom! What can I say?  I have a knack!

13 love notes:

  1. well of course i have to comment, i have a girl crush on kristen stewart!

    i do see the resemblance, but i'm def biased - kstew is more beautiful :))

    ps - the fergie one is dead on. so weird!


  2. holy.. crap. thank goodness i hate them both equally. maybe kristen a little more, actually.

    you've defo got an eye!

  3. Too adorable! I'm hosting a blog hop tomorrow for my second Fashion Friday. I'd love you to link up if you're interested. Have a great day! Kori xoxo

  4. they SOOOO look alike. ugh...i hate janelle. i want to punch her in the face.

  5. yes yes yes! noticed this awhile back, and FINALLY felt some closure on the "Jenelle looks so familiar" thing.

    I dislike Kristen Stewart as well so this is totally ok for me.


  6. holy cow theyre TWINS!
    great eye, girl! :)

  7. Actaully.. i dont knwo which one is which... but im not a huge fan of either.


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