Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunny Florida

Our beach vacation has come and gone and boy, am I missing this view right about now...

A few more photos for your viewing pleasure:

[white sand, tanned backs and cheese grins]

[oh, yes we did. we told the airbrush guy we wanted these to be mega embarrassing & he totally delivered. the opposite side is our names & such. the tackier the better, i always say.]

[he's a little bit dreamy, isn't he? that's moi in the reflection :)]

[hot-n-heavy][MR surprised me at lunch with a fancy beach drink and a massage with my sunscreen application. I. Love. Him.] [beach reads are the best]
[the end]

9 love notes:

  1. look at you two being all cute and stuff. i love it and i'm super duper jealous of your little mini vacay!

  2. Great pictures! I have family in Florida, but haven't been in about five years. I miss it/them.

  3. Looks like you two had such a good time :) Cute post!

  4. Fabulous the coozies!!!! Hahahaha...

  5. Cutest couple in the world!! Love the pics. I am dying to go to the beach sooo badly. Love the blog!

  6. Love the view!!! Absolutely gorgeous! And the drinks look yummy!

  7. We're beach bound in September.. I can't wait!!

  8. aw that is so cute. i'm so happy you two are still going strong. you two are adorable together.


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