Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Polish & Drops and Ugly Kids- Oh My!

I paint my nails pretty often.  It's rare that you will catch me with bare nails!  I think the reason I paint them so often is because my polish always chips so fast.  Yes, even when I take all the precautionary steps like filing,smoothing, buffing, base coat, 2 color coats and a top coat.... just like at the salon. 
Well, recently I found the single greatest top coat EVER that allowed me to wear the same polish CHIP FREE for five whole days. Not one touch up took place during those five days!  MR had to hear me marvel about this for days on end, God bless him, so I thought to get out my "Can you believe how great this stuff is?" feelings(and save him from further polish talk), I would share it with y'all :)
It's called "3 Minute Artificials" by Nail-Aid.  It's fantastic! 
[this guy has nothing to do with the product, I just like him]
The only problem is I can't seem to find this stuff anywhere online, which leads me to believe they are no longer making it.  I scooped mine up at Ross, so I should have known.  Womp, womp, womp.  Anyway, if you have a Ross near you, check out their beauty section to see if you can score yourself some.  Totally worth making the trip for!

Speaking of nails, when I was at the spa a while back getting my nails done, the manicurist used drying drops & within a minute, Bazinga! My nails were dry!  Maybe I'm old school, but I'd never seen such a thing!  Aerosol sprays, neon lights & good old fashioned lung air were all I knew of!
[besides dipping your wet fingernails in ice water, which actually does work, but it's just a bit of a pain]
OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops with Jojoba & Vitamin E Nail Polish
So, do any of you modern gals use drying drops?  Are the ones on store shelves worth the price?

And in completely unrelated news,
I came up with another karmic reason I might have ugly kids:
I refer to Gabriella of the Jersey Giudice clan as "The cute one".
I mean... really though?  That kid looks nothing like anyone in the family.
Must be some cute mail men in those fancy Jersey hoods.

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  1. I paint my nails so often too. I always end up chipping them though so I just change colors sooo often, but you rarely ever catch me with them not painted. I need to try them drops..it takes FOREVER for my nails to dry..grr!!

    And wow that's definately the mail mans child..lol

  2. I wish I was all up on my nail business like you! I always think about it but I loathe taking nail polish off to put a new color on. Nail polish remover is a pain in the butt to me! haha Have any tips for that?

    And seriously with the mail man on that last topic. Although, I was that kid in my family (blonde in a family of all dark brown)...now wondering if there are cute mailmen in Ohio as well...

  3. Sux about that top coat! Soooo my luck. And yes - random indeed. LOL.

  4. ooh i need this! i've been a nail painting fiend for a while now.. my roommate is constantly giving me shit for it.

    also, those 3 girls are the reason i'm so grateful i never had a sister. how unfortunate to be the other two and have to stand next to the "pretty one" in family pictures.

    i'm rude.

  5. I totally heading to Ross after work! lololol

  6. I need a good top coat too! I use Essie, but I'm not in love with it. I wonder if Nail-Aid just changed the name? Those kids...and Teresa. They all drive me nuts. But yeah, I see what you mean about the cute one. I never really noticed before that she doesn't look like the others (and Teresa).

  7. oh wow, what a scary family picture. poor girls.

    i normally get my nails done by my best friend and have acrylic on but if i am caught dead outside without them, i have used a spray by opi that helps them dry really quick and helped keep the polish on.

  8. The 3 minute artificials stuff is sold at walmart. That's where I got mine, and it was under 4$. =)

  9. Try wal-mart for the 3 minute artificial nail polish.Just bought some for 3.49

  10. Nail Aid has an entire line of products at nailaidcares.com. They also support the war against breast cancer


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