Sunday, August 7, 2011

You want free sponsorship?

Hey Y'all!  I've been busy creating new cute items for my shop and now it's time to start thinking about advertising.  Of course, one of the first places I always look to advertise is blogs.  Sometimes another entrepreneur and I will swap buttons, sometimes I pay for a sponsor spot, sometimes I get lucky and sweet people just want to plaster my button up because they like me.{You're sweet... I like you too!} 
But today, I'm looking to do something a little different!  YOU write a quick post about my sweet little shop & I SPONSOR YOUR BLOG for a month!  All you need to include is pictures of your 3 favorite items from my shop & my button!

Once your post is complete, come back and comment here, leaving a link to the post and I will grab your button from your page & add you to my sponsor block!
[if you don't have a button, I will make you a basic button!]

Grab my button here:
Take your pick!

Lacey in the Sky

Lacey in the Sky

Thank you everyone for your amazing support!  You are some of my best customers!!

2 love notes:

  1. Love this. Def will do. I can add you as a sponsor in exchange for my post too.. sound good?

  2. I love your shop and the work you've done for me! Here's my post: And I've added your button to my sidebar.


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