Saturday, September 10, 2011

Everytime I come around your city

 Day 4: Favorite Color
Bling bling.
Panky rang word aboud fiddy, bling bling.
  Everytime I buy a new ride, bling bling.

Day 4 of the photo challenge was much easier than day three... which I clearly skipped.  You see, day three was "clouds" and fortunately(and I guess unfortunately for this challenge) we've had zero clouds in the sky lately.  So that's that.  No day three for me!

I was having some problems with this photo challenge because I was trying to actually take the photos on the day I posted them and uhm, that wasn't working out.  So I'm going to do it my way, whatever way that ends up being!  I do what i want!

[I sincerely apologize if this posts on September 11th in anyone's time zone.  Clearly, this is of zero importance, especially on such a day.  It is late 9/10 here.  Tomorrow I will be staying silent in memory of those who gave and lost their lives 10  years ago.]

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