Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I REALLY Wore

Day 2:  What I wore
[note the messy work space behind me]
     See here?  I'm keepin' it real.  I could have pulled out something really fabulous to wear today and taken some "Look at me!  I dress like this everyday!" pictures, but uhm, that would have been false.  I work from home and many days I don't bother with much more than some yoga pants, a tank and a pony tail.  The days that I do leave the house to run an errand or something during the work day, I tend to just take off the yoga pants and throw on jeans and a piece of jewelry to make myself look put together... which is exactly what I did today for my big outing to the fabric store and bank!  GET WILD!  I know.  I didn't bother getting someone to take my photo or set up the timer on my camera to capture the whole outfit.  You're not missing much on the bottom half.  A pair of Gap jeans and some sandals from Target.  As for what you do see:  Tank- Mossimo($3 clearance wrack at Target)  Necklace- No brand attached- just a plain black tag! ($5.99 bargain at Burke's Outlet) Earrings- F21 ($2.98 at Forever 21) My entire getup today cost $52.

I'm so happy to not have to take another photo of myself tomorrow!  I feel so vein! ha

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