Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh Boy... or girl?

Photo challenge Day 6:  Something new
[So, I didn't technically take this photo, but it's too good of a "something new" to pass up on!]
Today my brother and sister in law went and had their gender revealing ultrasound done.  However, they don't know whether the sex is boy or girl yet because they are waiting until later tonight to find out with the rest of us!  They had the ultrasound tech write it down in a card and will open it tonight at dinner.  We did the same thing for my niece and it was so much fun to all find out together!
I wonder how many of you clicked in here thinking I've been keeping a big secret from you?
This photo of my niece or nephew was taken just a few hours ago :)
I know a lot of people have the gender reveal parties now where they cut into the cake to find out if it's a boy or girl(pink or blue cake)... but I don't know how the parents can stand to wait long enough for a cake to be baked by a bakery though.  A few hours is all I could handle, I think!  A friend of mine just found out yesterday what she is having, but is waiting until Sunday to tell her friends and family.  How in the world do you keep that to yourself for a week!?  Not a soul knows besides her, her husband and their ultrasound tech.  I'd be telling strangers in Target if I were her!

Babies are so exciting and such a gigantic blessing.  I am almost positive I would be lost and depressed without my nieces and nephew.  They came into the world and taught me how to love in a whole new way.
Can't wait to find out if I will be making lots of blue and green stuff or pink and purple stuff!

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  1. I love big surprises like that but I would never be able to pull one that big off! I was an Aunt at 10, my nieces and nephews were everything to me then and now! It's different when you have your own kids but they are the biggest blessing until you do!

    I can't wait to find out if it's pink or blue!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Chelsea is da bomb! LOVE HER!

    If I get to have another baby, I'm totally doing this! What a cool idea! I know there is NO WAY I couldn't find out. I would need to know fo sho!

    I would tell strangers at Target too. I think I like you. You seem sassy.

  3. Where are my manners? THANKS for linking up! xoxo

  4. aw thanks for the shoutout lady..

    i am with you, i could NEVER keep that a secret.. it will be hard enough to keep it a secret that i am pregnant (when that happens)

  5. I was a terrible pregnant secret keeper. We were going to keep our daughter's name a secret until she was born and ended up telling everyone about 3 months before. Oh well ;)

  6. I'm such a bad secret keeper when it comes to such happy news. When we decide to have a baby our dream is to tell the family in some big awesome way. But it's going to be SOOOO hard to keep it a secret. I always wanted to wait to find out gender, but I am such a planner it might be tough to do. I love the idea of a gender reveal with the family!

  7. i am horrible at personal secrets, especially big ones. most reporters are, tho we can keep state secrets, which seems wrong:)
    congratulations! sounds like an amazing time in your lives.

  8. HAHA- I totally thought you were preggers!!


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