Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Goodies DIY

This is my guest post that's up along with lots of other awesome posts over at The Letter 4 today! 
Wanted to share it here too & encourage you to pop over there!

Looking for favors for your Halloween party?  Just a little somethin' for your neighbors?  Treats for your kiddos class?  I've gotcha covered!

While trying to come up with what to make, I couldn't shake the thought of smores.  Smores are so Halloweeny, right?  I've seen lots of smore kits as favors, which i think is completely precious, but I like to send my guests away with something they can tear into in the car if they please.  I've also seen(and made) smore pops, which is a marshmallow, first dipped in chocolate and then dipped in crushed graham crackers on a lollipop stick.  Again, cute... but still, I wanted something a little more clever.
Insert the Stacker Mallow!
I came across these bad boys while trolling the aisles of the grocery for inspiration and they basically jumped off the shelf, slapped me in the face and then buckled themselves into the baby seat in my basket.
They are flat, rectangle marshmallows that are made to puff up to the perfect size and thickness when making oven/microwave smores.[Growing up in South Louisiana, the microwave smore is something I am very familiar with!  It's usually too hot for a bonfire!]
After finding this super sweet invention, I hauled it to the checkout and made my way back home to my kitchen where I already had the rest of the supplies I needed!
 Stacker mallows, graham crackers, wooden skewers, chocolate chips(or microwavable dipping chocolate, which is what I ended up using after discovering it in the pantry mid-project!).  You'll also need cellophane bags and wire ties or ribbon.
Now let's get going!  This is so simple, so I'm not going to dumb it down with tons of pictures!
 Crush your graham crackers!  I crushed mine up in a plastic bag because I'm all for keeping things as neat as possible so there is less to clean at the end of the project!  Once you're done, pour them onto a plate.
Melt your chocolate! (over a double boiler if you went with chips or chocolate melts & in the micro if you went the easy route like me!)
Now, dip your mallows into the chocolate on the top and all four sides.  You don't need to bother with the bottom!  I just used my fingers to do this part, but you could use a pair of tongs if need be.  Take your mallow straight from the chocolate and lay it in your plate of graham cracker crumbs.  I just laid mine flat and then pushed the crumbs up on the sides to cover the chocolate!  Lay them out on a piece of wax paper and pop in the fridge when you're all done!  Give them fifteen minutes or so to harden up while you print out  some labels to cutesy them up.  I've made these for you, but you could easily whip yourself up some if you wanted to personalize them!
[right click & save]
Once your labels are printed and cut out,  pull your coated mallows out and make yourself some smore kabobs by layering a coated mallow/plain mallow/coated mallow.  
See?  Looks like a cute little smore on a roasting stick!
Now, bag 'em, tag 'em and set them out for your guests!

I mean, how cute is that?

Thanks to The Letter 4 for "having me over" for their party today!  I had so much fun!

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  1. Those are TOO CUTE!! What a perfect idea! You made it sound so easy. I'm totally making these for this weekend!!

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  3. These are adorable!

    ♥ Kylee Noelle

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  11. Brilliant! As a girl who's is always trying to find new ways to inhale sugar these are just what I need. For real.

  12. please please please tell me where that flatware is from??!!

  13. Anonymous: It's vintage! I believe it just got passed from attic to attic and the tarnished look worked with our halloween tablescape ;)


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