Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A balloon filled weekend

The Great Mississippi River Hot Air Balloon Race

 Chevron balloon
Balloon squishing!
 He was supposed to look like he was eating it, but he kind of looks like he's sneezing it :)
 It took about 10 pictures to get one with his eyes open.  Seriously, he's like a toddler with the camera flash.
 Tonic.  Remember them? 
Some SERIOUS booty shaking.  We actually saw this same lady at the festival last year and she had some mega awesome dance moves.  MR kept trying to dance with her but she showed zero interest.... so this year he sneak attacked her and left her with no choice.

Another fun weekend brought to you by Natchez, MS!
It was lovely, Natchez... see you again next year :)

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  1. haha that is an awesome picture of him sneaking up on here. you two are adorable. love it! xoxo

  2. I love the balloon squishing pic! That's awesome!!
    Great pic of the two of you! Thanks for linking up your post with us this week!! We appreciate it! =)

  3. looks like you had a blast .. love him making his dancing known to her!

  4. I went hot air ballooning last December, it was wonderful!

    I love the picture of your hubby biting the balloon, I didn't think he was sneezing it until you said that but it does look like that, so funny!

    Looks like you had a blast.

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. nearly spit with laughter when I read ----like a toddler with the camera flash.

    brilliant! Love it. love your balloon squishing too. happy weekend

  6. Found you on Followers Fest & sort of love 'Lacey in Love'! Looking forward to keeping up with you. This post especially is great! An awesome way for your readers to get to know you!
    PS - you are gorgeous!


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