Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Me Want Cookies- A wrap on Halloween

 Halloween is over and "The Holidays" are in full swing!  Before I start talking about Turkey[when have I ever talked about Turkey here?], fall crafts or Christmas goodness, let's wrap up Halloween, shall we?
MR and I were Cookie Monster and Cookies for Halloween this year!  I made my little fur Cookie Monster dress, headband and all of MR's felt cookies on his shirt.  It was pretty simple, super cheap and the kiddos liked it!
Speaking of kiddos, how cute are these?  We stopped by MR's sister's house first so we could see his nieces all dressed up!  Pinkalicious and a bumble bee!  You can't not love those faces!
Then we headed to my Sister in Law's Mother's where my nieces and nephews all trick or treat!  After the trick or treating was done for the pink crayon, Captain America and pirate girl these cuties were all very interested in cozying up with MR and I on the swing.  You would have thought WE were giving them candy!
 Mine & MR's pumpkins ready to greet trick or treaters! 
[If you can't tell what's going on with MR's pumpkin, it's a skeleton ripping the pumpkins head open and busting out!  He wanted to use a lopsided pumpkin, but unfortunately we couldn't find any!]

How was your Halloween?  What were you & your kiddos?

11 love notes:

  1. Love these pictures. :) And love your costumes! haha!

  2. Awww cookie monster! What a great looking' family! And your porch looks great!

  3. awe so cute.. the one of you guys with the kids on your laps.. future family picture moment. just sayin! xoxo

  4. what a great costume idea & those babies? freakin adorable.

  5. I LOVE your costume. So cute and creative!

  6. What cute costumes! I especially love yours! :D

  7. ah! i can't even handle the cuteness!

  8. Um, HELLO...you are totally cute! LOVE the outfit and go on with your creative bad self!!!

  9. Both yours & the Mr's costume's are absolutely amazing!! I would totally pay to wear your cookie monster costume!!


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