Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Grandpa, the stranger

You know those old photos you see in other people's homes of some dear loved one & you think, "What an awesome picture.  I wish I had a great old photo like that."  Well... this is mine. 
This is my Grandpa Bubba.  My Mom's Dad.  A man I never knew but have always felt so genuinely tied to.
I once had a dream where I ran into him in his old barn that I often played in as a child.  He looked down and smiled and said, "Well, hello there stranger."  I always liked that dream.  It has stuck with me and makes me smile.
He unfortunately passed when my Mom was only fourteen, but has lived on through stories and great photos such as this.  I love the smile on his face, the grand horse, the rickety fence, the looming crowd, the pennent flags... it's all so simple and lovely.  I think what I like the most about this photo is that he looks so much like my Mom when making that face.
And as a girl who looks like her Mama... maybe that makes the ties between us feel just a little tighter.

5 love notes:

  1. my grandpa died when my mom was fifteen and i feel if he were alive, all of our lives would be so different if he had lived. i feel as though a place in my heart has always been missing.

    i wish i had a dream like that to fall back on with a smile. you are lucky.

    what a beautiful photo. xoxo

  2. That is a great picture. I love that you have a dream that you remember him by. It's almost like you knew him even though you didn't.

  3. What a gorgeous old photograph. It's nice to have something to remember our loved ones by, even if you've never met them. It's an unspoken heart-string between you and the person in the picture. I know that you will cherish it always.

  4. Such a fun picture. I think it's so sweet how you feel so connected with your grandpa. I can only imagine how nice it must have been for you to meet him in your dream. Definitely a dream worth remembering!


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