Thursday, December 8, 2011


Last year, MR and i got it in our brains that we could make sushi & for our first try, OF COURSE, we invited friends over.  What in the world were we thinking?  Making our poor friends be our guinnea pigs?
Well, lucky for us, it turned out great!  Whew, lucky friends!
We recently decided to give it another go(just the two of us) and this time we got fancy!
ingredients: crab salad[store bought], cucumbers, mango, green onion, shrimp, carrots, avacado, wasabi
ingredients not photoed: sushi rice, nori (dried seaweed sheets) & cream cheese
Our fish of choice was tuna and salmon.  We bought ours already sliced like this from the sushi joint in our local market.  We then sliced it down into either thinner slices for the tops of rolls or strips for inside of rolls.
We prepped our sushi mat by placing it inside of a ziplock to keep things clean, then layed down a sheet of nori and smushed our rice onto it.  This was our first time making rolls with rice on the outside & it was a breeze!  It was actually a smoother process than rice on the inside!  
 Once our rice was spread across the nori(hint: keep your fingers wet while spreading your rice around... makes it much easier!), we layered salmon, avacado, tuna and mango across the center. We then carefully flipped the nori(with rice, fish and all!), top side down on your mat.
Now fill your roll!  Just one little area... if your cover the whole sheet, it's gonna turn into sushi lasagna.
Now roll!  Keep it tight!
Voila!  Look at all the pretty yummies!  Now slice with a super sharp knife.
Boo ya!  Who needs a sushi restaurant?  Not us ;)
[srirasha hot sauce & sriracha mayo[the recipe: mix sriracha sauce and mayo together! ha] were used as dipping & drizzling sauces]

And now for a shameless plug:
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I not only make sushi... I make sushi bibs

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  1. that's impressive! I've always wanted to try to make sushi but just haven't had the guts. very cool!

  2. Wow! That looks amazing. I mean, I think it does. I don't like sushi ;)

  3. yum! invite me next time, would ya?!

  4. I am hungry now! looks delish :)

  5. i love sushi! i will have to learn how to make this. except i'm more of a soy paper girl instead of seaweed. good thing cute guy is ok with that. :)


  6. hahah this is amazing!! you guys need to open up a restaurant now :) complete with bibs of course!

  7. This looks awesome and like so much fun! I've never made sushi before, but it's definitely something I'm hoping to do eventually.

  8. Lacey,

    You've now inspired me to try to make sushi! I've always wanted to learn! I'll let you know how it goes! ;)


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