Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You should be on a christmas card

Our Christmas cards are traveling to their final destinations now, so I figured  now is an okay time to share the photos here!  I'm so glad we started this tradition of having a photo taken for our Christmas card so that I know, if all else fails, we have at least one nice photo of the two of us every year.
[Plus a handful of adorably sweet candid shots... and maybe some super awkward/funny ones I didn't upload :)]

[Won't you get on my back for a piggy back ride?]

I'm feeling a little Jollier just from sharing!  Did you send out holiday cards this year?

[all photos taken by my sister bear]
Nope, that's not an engagement ring, y'all!  Am I the only gal who wears whatever ring I'd like to on my ring finger?  I've always done this & have never been questioned about it until the last few years.  I must be lookin' old, like I should have a ring on it or somethin' ;)

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  1. love the pic you look gorgeous! I haven't sent out cards, which means I probably wont... lazy me!

  2. Love how the first 3 photos have that '70's look about them! Adorable!

  3. CUTE! I love it! Such cute pics. :)

  4. Love these! You two are so cute!!! :)

  5. YOu guys are SOO adorable and the cards turned out great! I'd love you to add this to my What we Wore and Made party over at http://raegunwear.blogspot.com/search/label/WWWMW

  6. These are so cute!!?

    Half of our cards have been sent out and the others havent been yet...We are hopefully sending the rest out tonight...but I cheated, I already posted our pictures on my blog and facebook. I got to excited and couldn't wait! HA :)

  7. Your Christmas photos are adorable! What a darling couple you two are. I haven't sent out Christmas cards this year, and I doubt I will since there isn't much time left. I guess I'll focus my holiday efforts on finishing up my gift shopping. ;)

  8. So cute! It really is a great idea to get pictures taken each year. I need to do that!

  9. That's precious!!
    Just mailed mine 2 days ago.. I was being a bit of a slacker!

  10. Maybe I will do an e-card... I don't know... Christmas cards are generic {in my opinion...} and I want to be thoughtful... but may I just say--- THIS IS ADORABLE!? :)

  11. Aww such lovely photos! I may have to utilize your justification for having photos taken every year, cuz my hubby is getting to be a stinker about taking photos. <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

  12. is that an engagement ring on your finger?! am i missing something?

    you two are adorable. i love it :)

  13. Aww! Those are some GREAT photos Lacey! I love them! So cute!!

    And YES -- I second the whole "is that an engagement ring on your finger?" comment! Do tell!!

    I am signing my Christmas cards as we speak. I plan to send them out this Saturday when I get all the stamps put on them. HA!

    Happy Holidays!! xoxo

    ~ Katie

  14. I'm in love with your christmas card .. so beautiful!!!

  15. But these WOULD make for adorable engagement pictures!!!

    =) you two are so cute.

    and i miss you.


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