Monday, March 12, 2012

Bachelorette Weekend Wrap Up!

I'm back & tired!  The bachelorette weekend was actually pretty relaxing, but between the time change and staying up late at night playing(and also coming down with a bit of a cold while I was there) I came home whooped.  Here are a few photos from the weekend!
 The Bachelorette's lingerie gifts and party favors for the attendees
 Sprinkle covered cake balls on cupcakes- totally healthy, right?
 Out to dinner
We found a little down home band to dance to at the lovely Flora-Bama
 Head ware switch with a Bachelor we met 
(If you're wondering if I made fun of this guys necklace, you're damn right I did.  I told him it looked like a narwhal.)
 On the 3rd night we went to an Eric Church concert and ended up getting in a verbal spat with the obnoxious group next to us.  I of course, decided to capture the magic.  I love my girlfriends with their hands all flying! haha
Eric Church!  He's not exactly my cup of tea(a little TOO country for me), but we had a good time!

I know I will get questions on this one, so here is your answer!  The rings in the boxes were the favors I bought for all of the girls!  They are actually coffee cups... how cute!
Want to hear the best part?  I got mine from JC Penney for $2 a piece!  What a ridiculous steal!
All of the girls loved them!  Plus, it gave us something to drink our much needed coffee out of in the mornings during the bachelorette trip.

5 love notes:

  1. CUTE cups!! So fun and unique!!! Nice job, girl!!

  2. Those cups are CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

  3. Those mugs are so stinking cute! And what a great deal, too.

  4. ANDDD you had the most insightful conversation with yours truly.. right? hahah. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't completely confused when i went into my pictures to check the damage and there was a hawkeye picture in there that i knew i certainly did not take ;) glad you had fun! xoxo


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