Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I may have a problem... so what?

So what if...

- I had to hide the beer in the back of the fridge at 1pm on a Monday b/c I was afraid I would break down and drink it due to a crappy day.
- I felt like $7 was a little too much money to spend on someone's old jeans(to chop off into shorts) from Goodwill.  I'm cheap! (Seriously, I gasped out loud when the lady told me the total, so i pretended like I stubbed my toe. haha!)
- I got really excited when I realized they'd added Dawson's Creek to Netflix Watch Instantly.

- I thought I would plan a fun girls night while MR is away this weekend, but instead am feeling like being utterly alone sounds more fun!
- I stayed up until 3:30am and slept way too late on a Wednesday.  I had a lot of praying to do last night.
- while searching for food to make during our beach vacation with MR's family, I have looked at more drink recipes than food recipes.  Liquid dinner for all, I say!
alcoholic ;)

If you're concerned that the first and last thing I mentioned in this post were alcohol, no worries... I thought about it somewhere in the middle too ;)  I kid, I kid.  I just have that 3 weeks until vacation itch.(Again, nothing to worry about... I swear.)

6 love notes:

  1. Dawson's on Netflix...what what?!? I'm so stoked now!!

  2. I have to admit, I felt like I was too old to be watching Dawson's Creek when it was out on regular I'll have to make sure nobody (except you bloggie folks, of course) find out that I'll be streaming it on Netflix, too. Oh, James Van der Beek, you are sooo dreamy!
    (and I love that you practically have to have a thesaurus to follow the dialouge )

  3. I searched for it about a week or so ago because I was looking for an throwback and was sad when it wasn't there. You just made my week. Yay!

  4. omg they added Dawson's Creek to Netflix streaming?! aghhh! I feel like I've been holding my breath FOREVER waiting for them to add it since they added Buffy and Wonder Years! ;p

  5. hehe any good drink recipes?! And you are better than me! On my day off yesterday I caved and made myself a Tom Daly- my newly discovered drink (an Arnold Palmer with vodka mm) while I tanned and read in the sun outside!!! :) Summer fever! <3

  6. I totally hide the beer on holiday weekends... but it always comes out :)

    and I've never actually watched Dawson's Creek & had been thinking last week I should try that out. this is great news!


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