Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Product Pick- Formula 10.0.6

I have to be honest... what drew me to this line of products was the branding.  HELLO, lovely typography bottles!  How often do you find skin care that you're happy to display?  Me?  Never.
This would be perfect piled in a counter top basket or apothocary jar!  Maybe in the guest bath so your guests feel a little pampered?

I recently picked up three Formula 10.0.6 products at my local Walgreens(Ulta carries this line as well, I believe), and here's what I thought...
From the website:  Passionfruit and green tea are besties in skin care! The passionfruit found in
Best Face Forward reduces oiliness, while the Green Tea exfoliates and soothes skin. 
My opinion:  I would say I have combination skin.  I like for my face to feel clean, but I can't stand any tightness or dryness.  This left my face feeling clean and soft, only slightly tight. Pretty standard.  The scent was delightful though!
From the website:  A glass of OJ in the morning, a Deep Down Detox mask in the evening - oh the power of orange! This natural ingredient is a superior skin hydrator and brightener too.
My opinion:  After giving the facewash about fifteen minutes to see how it performed on it's own, I moved on to the mask.  This does what any mask would do(goes on smooth, dries and makes skin feel tight, rinses off easily), except I found that I needed to apply much less than I normally would with other masks.  I applied a super thin layer, let it hang out and dry for about ten minutes and then rinsed with warm water.  My face was left soft and not overly dry.
FORMULA 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free 
  From the website:  Get a shine free look all day with Seriously Shine Free. This matte-finish moisturizer absorbs excess oil and provides a soft, smooth and shine-free complexion that lasts.
My opinion:  After fifteen minutes of waiting to see the aftermath of the mask, I went ahead and applied the moisturizer.  I have a hard time with moisturizers.  I find that most leave me feeling a little greasy and a lot shiny... likely because of the included SPF in almost all moisturizers now.  This moisturizer didn't leave me shiny AT ALL, but left my skin feeling sufficiently moisturized.  SCORE!  Now, I DON'T recommend this as a daytime moisturizer(as the website states) unless you plan on using spf as well.  WE NEED that spf, gals(and guys!).  I am planning on using this mostly with my nighttime routine, so I'm peachy with the lack of spf and shinyness.

 Verdict?  I'd buy it again!  It has lovely packaging, is a good product and it didn't break the bank at all!  (All of my products were around $6-$7 each.)  You go, Formula 10.0.6!  You go.

I was not compensated for this post in any way.  All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.

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