Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coveting at Uncovet

Are you in the middle of Christmas shopping or are you one of those showy types who got it all done early?  Today as I was sifting through my email(mostly filled with either shipping confirmations from Amazon or coupons and deals from internet stores) I came across an email from Uncovet and realized I hadn't browsed their selection in quite a while!  When the merchandise is ever changing, who knows what I've missed!?  If you've never checked out Uncovet, it's totally worth a parusing!  It's like Zulily for adults!  Full of great gifts, tees and home goods that were chosen by interior designers and specialists.  Today's browse made me all swooney and left me wishing I had spare bucks to blow on myself for Christmas!  Here are a few of the things I am coveting from Uncovet!
Oh my yes!  I am full of love for this bad boy!

Cool girls only, need apply!
Ca-ute & so true.
Who hasn't wished on a wish bone?
All states!
Beer & food pairings!  So cute for a bachelor!  Or for someone with a really cool wife.  How fun would it be to pick one day out of the month to have whatever is illustrated on the calendar?
Lovely office print! 

All via Uncovet

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