Friday, October 16, 2015

The Year Of Posey Jane: Month 1

My tiny doll is 1 month old!  I cannot accurately describe this last month & do it justice.  The first month of motherhood is just something you have to live through to understand.  I hated hearing this when I was pregnant, because as a stay at home Aunt, I felt VERY prepared for what was to come.  And in most ways, I was.  The baby stuff, I had down.  I can take care of this baby with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back.  What I wasn't prepared for were the OVERWHELMING hormones and the emotions that came along with them.  Holy holy hormones.  I cried for seemingly no reason for several days & wanted only my Mom & Husband around.  Nobody really warns you about your hormones going crazy AFTER you have the baby.
My girl, however, she is pure sweetness.  She loves to eat and has gained 1lb 9oz since we brought her home.  She wakes up every two hours to eat, which IS NOT ideal, but she is a tiny girl who is trying to grow.  This first month we had to do several weight checks and she always surpassed her 1oz a day goal!  We dealt with a very jaundiced baby for a couple of weeks.  It took longer than we'd have liked to correct (we had to use the at home bili-blanket for 6 days to reduce her bilirubin levels & have her levels tested every other day), but we were so glad to not have to admit her back into the hospital for treatment.  Praise God for that!  In some ways I feel as though she was born, I blinked and BOOM a month went by and in other ways I feel like this month has gone by slowly because I feel like I have known this little girl forever.  She is an absolute doll & we are loving every moment with her!

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