Monday, November 16, 2015

The Year of Posey Jane: Month 2

2 months!  Oh my goodness, what a month it has been!  Posey did LOTS of growing and has gained 3lbs 7oz since last month!  This month brought on her first purposeful smiles & now she is just smiling all the time!  You don't have to work too hard with this one... she can't hide her happy!  We did hit a little bump in the road at 6 weeks when I realized she was suffering with acid reflux.  Luckily, I was very aware of the symptoms & was able to get her the medication and formula she needed to make her feel better quickly.  She is becoming very obsessed with her Mama & I can't say that I hate it, y'all.  There is nothing like your sweet baby smiling every time they see you & following your every move with their little eyes!  (Adorable now, not so adorable when she can walk and talk, right? ha!)  She now wakes up every 3 hours to eat, but luckily she isn't one to stay awake and play... she goes right back to sleep.  Me, on the other hand, not always successful with that!  I sure do LOVE this baby!  On to month three (insert mommy crying face here)...

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