Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Year of Posey Jane: Month 3

Eeeeee!  3 months!  This month, Posey's little personality really started to shine.  She is such a happy baby!  Her first giggle came this month(at the mall after having her picture taken with Santa, pushing her around in her stroller, fast asleep & just giggling away!  Must have been one funny dream!), along with a much less adorable milestone... the THUMB SUCKING.  I know, I know... it's KIND OF adorable, but it's not a habit I am personally interested in her picking up.  [I feel like I am going to get some back lash over this comment- seems like people are either very left or very right on this topic.  If you're all pro-thumb sucking- wonderful!  I support you in that!  It's okay for us to have different feelings on it and still be friends!] ANYWAY, she is fighting the good fight and just SO determined to win.  Like her Mama!  Her eyes are turning from baby color blue-grey to bright blue like her Daddy! (She looks just like him!) She has begun swatting at her toys hanging from her play mat & doing a little "talking" to them as well.  So cute!  The Christmas season has been SO sweet & magical this year with our sweet girl here!  Even though she doesn't necessarily know what is going on, we are going all out to show  her what Christmas is all about.(She even picked her first name off of the giving tree & we purchased her some gifts for a little girl whose family is having a hard time- a tradition we will partake in every year.)  I just fall more in love with this sweet soul every single day!  Here we go... on to month 4! (This parenting stuff is SO bittersweet!)

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