Sunday, March 1, 2009

Forget that Groundhog.

It's March! How did that happen?
Do you know what March means in LA? SPRING! We don't particularly care for the calandar telling us when to put on shorts around these parts... the weather just kind of comes and goes as it pleases! Soon enough I will be frolicking in my sweet spring clothes! Don't worry, I'll be thinking about you guys who are still bundled up in your winter duds.
(Go ahead, slap me now while I'm sitting still.) You know I love you ;). So much, that I put together some outfits for you to draw some inspiration from! The best part? They are all pieces that are affordable & you can find them in some of your local mall shops!
Spring Day to Night
This is my Luch or Dinner "Girl Date" outfit. I'm so in love with the shoes and purse... OF COURSE. Y'all have seen my mess of a closet! I notice that I allow myself to be a little more whimsical and trendy with my girlfriends. They get it & think it's cute! The boy likes me all classic and lovely, he gets that :)
Dress-Forever21, Shoes-CharlotteRusse, Sunglasses-Forever21, Purse-Journey's, Jewelry-Etsy

You look really good
See, now Boy would LOVE this one! Probably because I'm showing you my under-things...but whatever. The reason I included them is because I am 100% positive you feel hotter when you wear cute undies! I'm really in love with this outfit, it feels so romantic. I'd wear this any old day, but I was thinking of walking through the French Quarter when I was putting it together. Oh, lovely spring days in the Quarter ... my favorite! I even added a "green" shopping bag in there to collect all of my finds from the Market!
Everything is from Forever21!
(perfume is Juicy Couture & you can find it at Target or any dept. store)

picnik day
This is an everyday outfit as well, but this time I was thinking of going on a picnik! I'm taking Boy on a surprise picnik this week, ssshhhh! Speaking of surprises, I really surprised myself with this outfit because I NEVER shop at Aeropostal(but was intent on choosing things from stores in my local mall) . I actually love this little outfit! I think it's fun & sweet! I chose both a tank and a shirt for this one because, althought I prefer the tank with it... somedays I just don't feel like wearing a strapless bra. You know what I'm saying? I think what's really lovely about this ensemble is that the pieces can be used over and over again in different outfits. I believe in wedge heels with bramuda shorts unless you're really long and lanky... take note ladies. I'm helping you out here. Nothing makes a petite girl look stubby like a bramuda short or capri. They take the cake!(Well, okay... actual CAKE might do the trick too.)

All clothes-Aeropostal, Shoes-CharlotteRusse, Purse-FredFlare, Jewelry-Etsy, Cosmetics-Walgreens, Perfume-(Elizabeth Arden Green Tea) Dept. Stores

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  1. Lacey you have a delightful blog. I adore the Charlette Russo (?) heels. So kicky!
    And yeah in time you do embrace the craziness of family for one day they will not be beside you.
    From one early bird coffee commercial lady to one who drags out of bed--Have a fantastic SITS Sunday!

  2. Sedriously, you should be a stylist! All those outfits were perfect and affordable.
    I am printing this out and heading to the mall latter today.
    It's not spring here yet (we had 4 inches of snow on Friday) but I'll be ready when it it.
    I love these little segments. Keep 'em comming!

  3. Those are some incredibly cute outfits.
    &&It's very true what you said about what you wear under your clothes that make you feel the MOST sexy about your outfit :)

  4. Now those a super cute outfits. I love all the shoes, and I love that they seem really afforable. My favorite is the sheos and purse in the first one.

    Just popping by from SITS to say hello this rainy Sunday.

  5. LOVE all of these clothes. Cannot wait til warmer weather!

  6. i so love that you included chap stick....haha

  7. have a good spring break with the boy. I smell spring break parties!!!

  8. Just thought you might like to know you can find Juicy Couture online too! It's a lot cheaper I think. Here's a link to where I found it:
    Juicy Couture Perfume

  9. Hey girl! Thanks for checkin out my blog. Yours is quite adorable if I do say so myself!

    The little thingy that clears up my nose is a gift from God! LOL It's called the Olbas Natural Inhalter and you can find out more info on it at

  10. The blue and green flats in the top picture are greatly needed by me! I bought a vintage blue and green dress that they would match perfecty! Where did you say those came from?

    Be Blessed!



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