Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Every Rose has it's Thorn

Poor Melissa should have paid attention to fellow "love seeker" Bret Michaels when he crooned it in the 80's, because YOWSA! Homegirl got stabbed in the back with that final rose's thorn.

Everybody is doing it. It's time to blog about The Bachelor.

I thought that Jason was a cute, quality man for a change & decided he deserved my undivided attention(aka: me kind of listening and looking up while I'm sewing) for one hour a week.(I haven't paid attention to a bachelor in years because they all seem like wankers.) A while back Reality Steve let it be known that Melissa was the one being proposed to in the finale by showing us her very noticeable pinky ring(who wears pinky rings?) in multiple clips and then during the finale proposal. I was pleased, because Melissa was my pick from the get go. I guess about a week and a half ago Reality Steve came back around and told us how Jason would dump Melissa after the finale and decide to ask Molly out. Oh, and also... apparently this whole thing was a plan from the start. You know how we kept seeing it be evident that he was falling for Melissa the most throughout the whole thing? Well, RS says that's mostly editing & pushing on the producers part... it was really evident that he was falling for Molly. IF this is true and Jason was in on this PLAN to ask Melissa to marry him and then dump her for Molly... then I think he's a jerk.(That's me keeping it VERY PG.) HOWEVER, we don't know that for sure. The man could have just MADE A MISTAKE. I've read a bunch of blog commentary on this subject and nobody has said this yet.... so, you guys don't hate me for this opinion. But, I see how he could pick a girl who seemed great for him after a few dates(because let's be honest... that's all it was) and then after spending a few months getting to know her one-on-one in a non-extreme environment, decide "Uhm, whoops. I was wrong." Afterall, every other bachelor has done just that. I'm no princess. I've hurt people and I'm not proud of that... that's why I can see that angle. Odds are it was a plan, because instead of just breaking up in private and then contacting Molly himself, he did it on national television.
Agh. Oh well. It's "reality" television afterall.

4 love notes:

  1. I totally agree that Melissa might not have been right for him in the end, but there was no need for him to do it the way he did. :(

  2. I watched this season because I felt sorry for Jason after his season with De AHHHNA. He deserved another chance.
    Let's be honest, how many of these last anyway. Oh Yeah, None!
    I feel bad for Melissa because even if he did change his mind, it still wasn't right to dump her on TV.

  3. I can't help hating him, Lace :( Poor Melissa.

  4. Okay, I'll admit it. I watched it and I LOVED it when Melissa called him a bastard. LOVED IT! But I admit it, I was smiling when Molly said they could give it a try.

    Now, I'm curious... will this one work out???


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