Friday, March 20, 2009

I am a wanderer... I have no place or time

I'm about to wander all over this post. Hang tight or you'll get lost!

I'm exhausted. I've been working a lot and we have friends in town... so it's just been non-stop around here. I need to get up off of my rear and sew a bib before I can crash... but instead I'm going to lay here and blog. RESPONSIBLE! ::coughcoughshutupcoughcough::

I'm craving this book & vow to go to Urban Outfitters and buy it soon! It should be full of goodness and inspiration for me!

Speaking of Urban stinkin' cute is this stuff!? Once again, I cannot wait to have my own home to fill!

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the salon to take care of this mop on my head... yay! & Tomorrow night I'm having a girls night with my very best friends(all from high school) to celebrate two of the girls birthdays. That means today was spent baking cupcakes! Yum! I went retro with them & think they look so cute. After the salon I am heading to the market for ingredients for jello shots and spinach & artichoke dip! It should be an amazingly fun night! Pictures will be taken... of course!

I'm SOOOO tired. If I rolled over right now I would pass out. I hate knowing that once I get up and sew that bib I will be wide awake(but still exhausted). Ergh, oh well. It is what it is, and it aint that bad my friends!(I only use the word "aint" playfully. It bugs me otherwise. Who's with me?)

Goodnight Lovies :) Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

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  1. I only use aint when Im being silly. to say it in seriousness just kills me!

    I love love LOVE when I fall asleep and I can smell Sweetheart on the pillows or my hair (from holding him tightly). He smells YUMMY.


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