Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm embarrassed for you... Carry on!

Awkward, right? & Seriously Mr., why are you wearing your Sister's shorts? I would have said girlfriend, but let's be practical here. The guy is playing ping pong while wearing booty shorts.

So, I found this because it was on the front page of Yahoo! First of all, is this really front page worthy? The answer: HECK YES IT IS! (The headline was something like, "Ping Pong dance: Bad Sportsmanship?" Why, yes. Yes it is bad sportsmanship.) Have I ever told you I revel in watching others make fools of themselves? It's awkward and I feel embarrassed for them & I love every second of it. I actually think I sit there with a dumb grin on my face while taking it all in. Speaking of....

Does anyone else cringe when they watch Holly Madison dance on Dancing with the Stars? Agh, it's so bad it's good. My face turns pink for her, really. I give props to anyone who is on that show, especially if they have no dance experience. & You can tell she has definitely spent ZERO time in a dance studio. Some people WERE NOT meant to dance, that's all I'm sayin'!

A conversation I overheard between my Mom & Sister:

Mom: The guy from the Sex and The City movie is good.

Sister: Yeah & The Bachelor girl is pretty good too. Plus, everyone feels bad for her so I'm sure she's getting pitty votes.

Mom: Mmm hmm, and Holly... well, she's just got boobs.

Agh, my Mom is a HI-LARIOUS and she doesn't even know it!

10 love notes:

  1. LOL your mom is amazing.

    I agree I feel bad for those people, they clearly wanna be famous and willing to risk their names and their reps for it. *shudder*

  2. great post.
    first of all, i love that video. my husband and his friend love to play ping fact, they both own their own paddle :) our friend is MUCH more obsessed than my hubby, so i sent him that youtube video :)

    and i TOTALLY agree with you on holly! i almost have to close my eyes...its hard to watch someone embarrassing themselves. It was even worse for me with Denise. i'm glad she's gone. holly needs to go next. i know the Apple guy is horrible too, but at least he's fun to watch!

  3. Bahahahahaha....Umm...I think he practices that routine. Like Monica and Ross on Friends!!

  4. Holly is soooo bad! You have to give her credit for trying. I agree with you, it's just a tad embarassing!
    That is the cutest fattest picture of Squishy on your side bar! Adorable

  5. haha your mom sounds hilarious! i am watching dancing with the stars right now!!!

  6. I need to geek about this new reality show I've been hooked on. Please tell me you watch "Tough Love". Has ANYbody seen this show??

  7. I saw that on the failblog and my favorite part is the zoom in on the score like that was his only point in the whole match. It seems so set up though, that was a LONG dance

  8. LOL internet gossip :P

    It's Maxie, she wrote it in her blog. Exciting, isn't it?:)

  9. She's one of the most popular twenty something bloggers, I love her :)

  10. Oh man! I cant hardly watch Holly, although I think its hysterical, it borders painful! And the guy in the video...what a freakin idiot, but I laughed! Great post!


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