Tuesday, April 21, 2009

While You Were Sleeping...

...people were judging your relationship

I don't know how in the world I came across this. I literally stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and found it kind of interesting.

Apparently, the sleep positions of a couple says a lot about their relationship. I guess I never really thought about it, because I am an "all about comfort" kinda girl.

"Touching buttocks allows for large-surface contact and private connection, but without clinging. Like two circles, separate but overlapping, this position is a perfect definition of interdependence."

They're saying I have a big butt?

"Such casual contact could imply that you or your partner are in two minds about expressing affection, or are intentionally withholding it - maybe after a fight - it may also indicate healthy camaraderie."

"Casual" = Hooker

"It's quite common at "love's blazing beginning", when you're so deeply enamoured that you wish you could "fuse."

That sounds bad. I've never wanted to "fuse" with anyone. Gross.

"This is a variation of the Spoon - the most common position adopted by couples in the first few years of marriage. Comforting and cocoon-like, it's a semi-foetal position with genitals against buttocks to provide maximum physical closeness, though it's not necessarily an erotic position."

Eww...the word genitals CREEPS me out.

They call this one the "Old man/Young woman sleeping style"... I don't get it. They didn't list anything about it.

Considering I personally am apparently sleep position bi-polar, I guess the meanings don't really apply to us all. Do you and your Mister sleep a certain way every night? Maybe it applies to you?!

If you want to read more on sleeping styles, google "couples sleeping positions".

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15 love notes:

  1. I need to find out what is says about having a two year old wedged between you and Hubby all night!

  2. I am a twitchy sleeper...he tries to stay as far away from me as possible so he can get some sleep. I usually sleep in a position w/ the pillow over his face because he snores so much LOL

  3. SK and I spoon to start out, but usually end up butt to butt by the morning ;) Old Man/Young Woman sounds dirty, but is a wonderful way to fall asleep...until SK starts snoring in my ear and I have to roll him over ;)

  4. we start cuddling like the old man young woman position but then we head to our sides of the bed. Occasionally we'll cuddle in the middle of the night with one another but not usually!

  5. Todd and I usually start off in the old man/young woman but end up all over the place. Who knew sleeping could analyze your relationship.

  6. This is interesting. The hubs and I really don't touch at night. We sometimes do the spoon thing when we are chatting before we drift off, then we go to out spots and sleep!Is that bad? Haha.

  7. Okay so this is the second thing this week where people try to tell you if your relationship is a good one or not by looking at something rediculous! I listen to a radio station out of Dallas that was talking earlier this week about how these Psych people were saying they could tell if your marriage was going to last by looking at pictures of the married couple from birth up. It was just crazy, and this is crazy! My husband and I barely touch after getting in bed to sleep, We both are EXTREMELY hot natured and have never been much on the cuddly side. Plus we have 2 pups in the bed with us, I KNOW, they have a study on this too. So by the looks of all this studies, were doomed! HA!

    P.S. Didnt mean to hop on my soap-box! Maybe I should do a post about it...

  8. what about the position where you sleep on opposite sides of the bed not touching? =)

  9. My husband and I do not cuddle while we're sleeping. Usually our feet touch...that's all. If it's up to those yahoos then we're probably headed for divorce.

  10. Ha ha ha.... what does it say about a baby sleeping in the middle of both of you and kicking you in the throat? :)

  11. I like the last position the best too. Boys have those spot between their chest and their shoulder I like to keep my head on :)

  12. Do you call that the 'nook'. That's what I call my husband's when we cuddle up and watch tv like that. We, however, do not sleep like that. We sleep like the causals or the hookers :) Ha!

  13. ha ha, I blogged about Sweetheart and I sleeping today. when we are awake and drifting off to sleep, we usually do the old man/young girl or the spoon. once we actually fall asleep, then its the hooker touch. ha ha

  14. lol your comments crack me up : )

  15. Probably a combo of 1 and 2. I don't like to be touched while I am sleeping!!! I like to sleep in the middle of the bed too...sometimes he'll shove me over if I am hogging the bed. :)


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